The Temporary Prosthetic (with picture)

Here is the temporary prosthetic that has been helping me for the past several weeks.

The Temporary Prosthetic

Imagine it as two (large) cups that stack, one inside the other. The outside cup has the leg piping attached to the bottom.

The “cup” on the left slips over my remaining leg, and is held in place by a belt that velcros to the cylinder and then wraps around my waist. Up until a few days ago, I wore this part constantly, as it helps protect the leg in the event of a fall. The past few days, I’ve taken it off while I sleep.

The larger “cup” on the right then slips over the internal shell, and attaches to it by one piece of velcro, 3″ by 1″, attached to the white band. The two black bands don’t serve any useful purpose that I’ve discerned.

This prosthetic has only one joint, and it remains fixed so that the “leg” is straight when I walk. There is a release that I can pull (you can barely see it in this photo — look for a peach colored handle and what looks like thick fishing line) that will release the knee when I sit down.

It is designed to have quite a bit of “up and down play”, so if I try to lift the leg, the various attachments may shift by a half inch or so before the leg responds. Also, it was built to be just a little bit short, so that as I swing the stiff leg forward it won’t catch on the carpet or floor. As a result of the shortness, the give, and the stiff knee, I must still use crutches to get around.

The “foot” was shaved down so that the shoe would fit on it. However, it is a tight enough fit that the shoe stays on all the time. So, when I go out, I always wear the matching hiking shoe. Church, hospital, store… it doesn’t matter. I wear the hiking shoe!

Everyone has said that my “walking prosthetic” will be so much better than this one. Perhaps I will have it around Christmas time!

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One Response to The Temporary Prosthetic (with picture)

  1. Pam Faris says:

    Jeff, when you mentioned those extra black straps, my first thought was “your weapon”. With the new conceal and carry laws, you could strap a gun there. Another practical use would be to hide a stash (money, candy) or hold an ice pack if needed.

    Shouldn’t everything come with instructions and options?

    Think of you often; admire your strength and resilience. You are doing a great job!! Keep it up!!

    Pam Faris

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