And now, for something new

It’s been two full weeks and a few days since my latest radiation regimen, and I’m mostly recovered from it, I think. After a period of feeling my throat was sore and constricted, it is now feeling back to normal. I do still have some related muscle-pain, but it is significantly better than it had been.

However, there is a new development that began ten or so days ago. What is this new development? Every day, my temperature climbs throughout the day, peaking at nearly 102 degrees. It will usually break in the evening or overnight, and start the cycle again the next morning. Dr. M., my oncologist, suspects that it might be what’s called a tumor fever.

When I’m not running a fever, I have thoughts like these:

  • Texas Roadhouse sounds good. We’ll go there after church tomorrow.
  • I should order another set of music for homeschool choir. I’m sure we could learn it in time for the May concert.

When I have a fever, those thoughts are replaced with ones like these:

  • Food. Ugh.
  • I barely have energy to get to the bathroom and back; there’s no way I’m leaving the house.
  • I can’t commit to learning more music for a concert that I may not even be able to attend myself.

In general, the elevated temperature saps my energy and motivation. The unpredictable cycle makes planning a day difficult.

Would you pray with us that this temperature cycle would be resolved?

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2 Responses to And now, for something new

  1. Garry and Jacalyn Schultz says:

    We’re praying! And trusting the Lord with your life and that you are in his hands! It’s a walk of faith that draws us all closer to the Lord! We continue to pray for complete healing, and know the Lord will heal; we just don’t know how. The kids struggle with this, and it’s bringing them closer to the Lord and trusting him in all things! You and your family are such a blessing and we love you dearly!
    Praying today is a better day, a Texas Road House Day!
    In Christ, the Schultz’s

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Jeff – just wanted to say that I’m still praying for you and Lu. I won’t be able to be at the concert on Friday – I’ll be taking my team from work to a CR Titans indoor football league game. Should be fun. Sorry I didn’t realize the schedule conflict when I set it up.

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