The Power of Presence

I’m reclining in bed, looking out the window, watching the wind blow the newly leafed-out willow tree branches. Lu is sitting in the rocker, reading the just-delivered latest edition of World magazine. Bethany is next to me, working on homework, though I think she’s really spending more time playing Draw Something on her iPhone. We are together, even though not constantly interacting. There is power in presence.

I’m then reminded of those who will come for a visit, and be content with merely looking out the window with me. No grand philosophical discussions, no constant conversations, no entertaining or being entertained, just a desire to be together. While others might think that a waste of time, I know what you are really saying is, “I care enough that I’m content to just share the same space for a while.” There is power in presence.

And then I wonder, is God like that, too? Must I fill time together with reading the Bible, praying, meditating on the Word? Or is there a satisfaction that comes from merely being together, sharing an occasional thought, looking out the window, watching the wind blow the newly leafed-out willow tree branches?

Yes, I think there is.

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2 Responses to The Power of Presence

  1. Marty McClurg says:

    I really like this post, Jeff! Looking back, I’ve often been so “busy” that I’ve missed many important moments with the people I love. (Yes, my name really is Martha.) :(

    Anyway, I found it interesting that yesterday’s quote on my little devotional calendar had a similar message to yours…

    “Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” -Abraham Joshua Heschel

    Thanks for reminding us that God wants us to spend time with Him, just being in His presence and basking in His love.

    May He continue to provide power in His presence, and also peace. We love you, and continue to pray for you… trusting in His goodness.

    With His love –
    and ours,

    Marty & family

  2. Cathy Luders says:

    I too like your post, The Power of Presence. My beloved Anna, whom I I call my adopted Mommy, reminds me often of what really is important and what is not. There is much that is not important. God’s beauty, God’s love is everywhere, we just need to make the time, take the time to see it, bask in it, relish it for all time, even write about it if one is so inclined.

    Jim and I continue to pray for you and for Lu, pray God’s best for you as you trek onward, God’s healing touch on every part of you.

    In His name,

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