Help from Three Strangers

Unexpectedly, yesterday Lu and I spent all day (10 AM to 8PM) at St. Luke’s Hospital, We’d learned that my hemoglobin count, a measurement of my red blood cells, was 5.8. While I don’t know what that means, those that do think it is pretty serious, contributing to loss of energy, difficulty keeping the body oxygenated, etc,

So, yesterday, I received three units of concentrated red blood cells, each donated by a different anonymous donor.

My friend Craig, a great conversationalist, sat most of the afternoon with us. Then Dan, Londa, and Lily arrived with an Easter basket for me. They also helped with the transition back home.

I’m supposed to feel different tomorrow, perhaps more pep, more motivation, less tired after making the simple trip to the restroom. How long I feel the boost, how much boost there is, and whether we’ll think it worthwhile to try again are questions on the table.

Dr. Bell thinks that my bone marrow is simply less efficient at creating the red blood cells, possibly due to the the loss of bone (my left leg), the spinal radiation, and general progression of the cancer disease. So, we think this “fill up” yesterday was more of a temporary help than fixing the problem.

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  1. Andy says:

    Jeff, sent you an email on your Laridian account.
    Yesterday I spent the day training a dozen former addicts and alcholics in Novosibirsk Russia. We learned how to do verse analysis and I used Pocket Bible to find over 50 parallel references to Romans 6:23. They asked me how I could find so many references and I told them about PocketBible and then shared about you. We stoped and spent several minutes praying for you. Please know that your work at Laridian is helping former addicts and alcoholics find freedom and new life in Christ half way around the globe. They committed to continue praying for you, your family and you future. I was touched by their compassion and told them I would share their prayers with you.


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